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Spumante di Pigato e Pinot "Baxin" - Ramoino

Spumante di Pigato e Pinot "Baxin" - Ramoino
Winery Ramoino
Region Liguria
Wine type Sparkling
Format 0.75
Alcohol 12%
Grapes Pigato e Pinot Nero
Color Straw yellow
Fragrance Intense, mineral and fruity
Flavor Fine and elegant, fresh, with hints of white pulp fruit
Pairing Ideal as an aperitif Perfect for an evening with friends!
Spumante di Pigato e Pinot "Baxin" - Ramoino
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Baxìn is an Italian sparkling wine that comes from the kiss between the large Pinot and the elegant Pigato.

Baxìn is a sunny and intriguing sparkling wine, with unique characteristics.

Warning: it is absolutely forbidden to drink it alone!