IGP Terre Siciliane Rosso Biologico “Gerbino” 2018 - Di Giovanna
Producer: Di Giovanna
Di Giovanna's Rosso is a medium-bodied and good wine structure, aged for 12 months in steel and 6 months in barrels of neutral oak. Expressive on the nose, with aromas of raspberries, blueberries, berries and spices. On the palate it is soft and shows a good minerality and structure.   ..
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Producer: Pennisi
Strong and intense wine produced with grapes of Nerello Mascalese.Its strong and persistent taste describes the harshness of the sun-burned production area.Our vineyards are located In the area of Castiglione di Sicilia, where the cultivation of the vine has ancient origins. This area boasts a stron..
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Etna Rosso DOC “Etneide Maturo” 2014 - Pennisi
-13 %
Producer: Pennisi
Classy wine, refined and energetic at the same time. It is produced with Nerello Mascalese grapes from century-old vines. The slow aging and refinement make this wine unique, giving the palate rich sensation from the first to the last sip.Our vineyards are located In the area of Castiglion..
28,00€ 32,00€
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Nero d'Avola Sicilia DOC 2018 - Siquelia
-6 %
Producer: Siquelia
Intense ruby-red color, with an aroma of cherries, prunes and notes of aromatic herbs (rosemary). Warm flavor, with a well-balan-ced acidity and bold structure, perfect harmony between rich balance and intensity. Vinified in stainless steel thermoconditioned tanks and aged, for at least..
14,93€ 15,86€
Ex Tax:12,24€
IGT Rosso Terre Siciliane Biologico "Jocu" 2018 - Quattrocieli
BIO -12 %
Producer: Quattrocieli
    Vino rosso biologico prodotto con uve autoctone siciliane come il Nero d’Avola, le uve vengono raccolte a mano scegliendo i grappoli migliori, e tutte le lavorazioni vengono eseguite con molta cura. Viene prodotto nelle colline del Trapanese con un clima e una ventilazion..
10,25€ 11,65€
Ex Tax:8,40€
Syrah Sicilia DOC 2017 - Siquelia
-6 %
Producer: Siquelia
Intense dark red with fruity aromas of blueberries, berries and currant, with spicy notes of tobacco, pepper and chocolate.Structured, bold, warm and tannic, with a broad expressivity. Vinified in stainless steel thermoconditioned tanks and aged, for at least 25%, in French oak barriques for 3 m..
15,05€ 15,98€
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Nerello Mascalese IGP Biologico “Vurria...” 2016 - Di Giovanna
BIO Pre-Order
Producer: Di Giovanna
Di Giovanna's Vurria Nerello is a red wine with a fresh, enveloping and complex profile, aged in second and third passage barriques for 6 months. Elegant notes of ripe red fruit, pomegranate, white pepper and tobacco best express the Terre Sicane terroir.       ..
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IGP Terre Siciliane Rosso Biologico “Helios” 2016 - Di Giovanna
Producer: Di Giovanna
Helios comes from a historic family plot in the area of Contessa Entellina, from vines over 30 years old, not irrigated. A Nero d’Avola and persuasive Syrah with aromas of sweet spices, shades of blackberries and black cherry and earthy suggestions. Balanced, silky and round, with a tannic t..
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Nero d'Avola Sicilia DOC Biologico “Vurria...” 2017 - Di Giovanna
Producer: Di Giovanna
The Vurria is an elegant and harmonious expression of Nero d’Avola. The aging for 6 months in French barriques and tonneaux makes it round and velvety, with a deep bouquet where berries and plum stand out, with sweet spices. The sip is serous, with returns of blackberry, berries and blac..
Ex Tax:12,01€
Producer: Leonarda Tardi
Unique vineyard plot guarded by an old Pero, a majestic Red Mulberry, a Pomegranate and imposing Almonds. Different from all the others. Unique in every single bottle. Limited.         Using only grapes from our vineyards cultivated with the utmost respect fo..
Ex Tax:35,65€
Producer: Leonarda Tardi
Leonarda Tardi was born from the love of the Mazzara family for their land and its fruits. ALIKASE comes from a single plot of land, guarded by a skilful red mulberry tree and imposing almonds.       Using only grapes from our vineyards cultivated with the utmost res..
Ex Tax:15,57€
Etna D.O.P. Tìade Rosso is a wine that smells of Sicily, of fascinating horizons that evoke emotions, of soft woods and angular valleys where the red Vulcan, passionate and severe, gives this wine a natural diversity: full-bodied, harmonious, and spicy. Etna Rosso comes from the best known vi..
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Syrah IGT Terre Siciliane Biologico "Fluente" 2017 - Quattrocieli
BIO -9 %
Producer: Quattrocieli
    Vino prodotto da uve Syrah biologiche, la raccolta avviene solo dopo aver raggiunto una perfetta maturazione e l’acidità ottimale. Il Syrah si è adattato benissimo alle condizioni pedoclimatiche siciliane, regalando un vino dalla grande personalità ch..
10,50€ 11,52€
Ex Tax:8,61€
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