Producer: Pennisi
Strong and intense wine produced with grapes of Nerello Mascalese.Its strong and persistent taste describes the harshness of the sun-burned production area.Our vineyards are located In the area of Castiglione di Sicilia, where the cultivation of the vine has ancient origins. This area boasts a stron..
Ex Tax:15,48€
Nero d'Avola Sicilia DOC 2018 - Siquelia
-6 %
Producer: Siquelia
Intense ruby-red color, with an aroma of cherries, prunes and notes of aromatic herbs (rosemary). Warm flavor, with a well-balan-ced acidity and bold structure, perfect harmony between rich balance and intensity. Vinified in stainless steel thermoconditioned tanks and aged, for at least..
14,93€ 15,86€
Ex Tax:12,24€
IGT Rosso Terre Siciliane Biologico "Jocu" 2018 - Quattrocieli
BIO -12 %
Producer: Quattrocieli
    Vino rosso biologico prodotto con uve autoctone siciliane come il Nero d’Avola, le uve vengono raccolte a mano scegliendo i grappoli migliori, e tutte le lavorazioni vengono eseguite con molta cura. Viene prodotto nelle colline del Trapanese con un clima e una ventilazion..
10,25€ 11,65€
Ex Tax:8,40€
Syrah Sicilia DOC 2017 - Siquelia
-6 %
Producer: Siquelia
Intense dark red with fruity aromas of blueberries, berries and currant, with spicy notes of tobacco, pepper and chocolate.Structured, bold, warm and tannic, with a broad expressivity. Vinified in stainless steel thermoconditioned tanks and aged, for at least 25%, in French oak barriques for 3 m..
15,05€ 15,98€
Ex Tax:12,34€
Producer: Tenute Plaia
From the most significant red grape variety in Sicily, this Nero d' Avola is produced from a single piece of land located in the hills of the Trapani hinterland. It is a wine with a strong personality, which fully expresses its territory through balance and pleasant fragrances and taste  ..
Ex Tax:7,28€
Nerello Mascalese IGP Biologico “Vurria...” 2016 - Di Giovanna
BIO Pre-Order
Producer: Di Giovanna
Di Giovanna's Vurria Nerello is a red wine with a fresh, enveloping and complex profile, aged in second and third passage barriques for 6 months. Elegant notes of ripe red fruit, pomegranate, white pepper and tobacco best express the Terre Sicane terroir.       ..
Ex Tax:12,01€
IGP Terre Siciliane Rosso Biologico “Helios” 2016 - Di Giovanna
Producer: Di Giovanna
Helios comes from a historic family plot in the area of Contessa Entellina, from vines over 30 years old, not irrigated. A Nero d’Avola and persuasive Syrah with aromas of sweet spices, shades of blackberries and black cherry and earthy suggestions. Balanced, silky and round, with a tannic t..
Ex Tax:21,31€
IGP Terre Siciliane Rosso Biologico “Gerbino” 2017 - Di Giovanna
Producer: Di Giovanna
Di Giovanna's Rosso is a medium-bodied and good wine structure, aged for 12 months in steel and 6 months in barrels of neutral oak. Expressive on the nose, with aromas of raspberries, blueberries, berries and spices. On the palate it is soft and shows a good minerality and structure.   ..
Ex Tax:7,97€
Nero d'Avola Sicilia DOC Biologico “Vurria...” 2017 - Di Giovanna
Producer: Di Giovanna
The Vurria is an elegant and harmonious expression of Nero d’Avola. The aging for 6 months in French barriques and tonneaux makes it round and velvety, with a deep bouquet where berries and plum stand out, with sweet spices. The sip is serous, with returns of blackberry, berries and blac..
Ex Tax:12,01€
Producer: Leonarda Tardi
Unique vineyard plot guarded by an old Pero, a majestic Red Mulberry, a Pomegranate and imposing Almonds. Different from all the others. Unique in every single bottle. Limited.         Using only grapes from our vineyards cultivated with the utmost respect fo..
Ex Tax:35,65€
Producer: Leonarda Tardi
Leonarda Tardi was born from the love of the Mazzara family for their land and its fruits. ALIKASE comes from a single plot of land, guarded by a skilful red mulberry tree and imposing almonds.       Using only grapes from our vineyards cultivated with the utmost res..
Ex Tax:10,54€
Etna D.O.P. Tìade Rosso is a wine that smells of Sicily, of fascinating horizons that evoke emotions, of soft woods and angular valleys where the red Vulcan, passionate and severe, gives this wine a natural diversity: full-bodied, harmonious, and spicy. Etna Rosso comes from the best known vi..
Ex Tax:13,29€
Syrah IGT Terre Siciliane Biologico "Fluente" 2017 - Quattrocieli
BIO -9 %
Producer: Quattrocieli
    Vino prodotto da uve Syrah biologiche, la raccolta avviene solo dopo aver raggiunto una perfetta maturazione e l’acidità ottimale. Il Syrah si è adattato benissimo alle condizioni pedoclimatiche siciliane, regalando un vino dalla grande personalità ch..
10,50€ 11,52€
Ex Tax:8,61€
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