Vin Santo del Chianti DOC "Elemperto" - Tenuta Scrafana

Vin Santo del Chianti DOC "Elemperto" - Tenuta Scrafana
Winery Tenuta Scrafana
Region Toscana
Wine type Passito
Classification Vin Santo del Chianti DOC
Year 2012
Format 0.50
Alcohol 14.5%
Grapes Trebbiano toscano - Malvasia del Chianti
Color Wine with a very bright and brilliant straw yellow color and shades of antique gold
Fragrance Characteristic bouquet with intense notes of fresh dried fruit, nuts, hazelnuts, candied fruit, dehydrated ripe fruit, apricots and yellow peaches with a finish that recalls chestnut honey.
Flavor Sweet taste with a well balanced body between the notes of softness and flavor that, on the finish, give it a very long taste-olfactory persistence that ends on elegant honey notes.
Pairing Tuscan cantucci, dry pastries, shortbread tart with apricot jam, chocolate strudel, dried fruit. chocolate.
Vin Santo del Chianti DOC "Elemperto" - Tenuta Scrafana
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Bright straw yellow in colour with subtle reflections of antique gold.

A characteristic bouquet with intense notes of fresh walnut and hazelnut alongside hints of candied and dried fruit, apricot and yellow peach, with a final flourish of chestnut honey.

Paying homage to the area and its history once again, we have chosen an ecclesiastical figure to inspire its name. Elemperto was once the bishop of Arezzo and a lord, but above all he donated a hospital and all his assets to the local community.



Winemaking tradition has always been a permanent feature of Tenuta Scrafana, set within the unique landscape of the Montevarchi hills, and the agricultural calling of this land is attested by history.

Indeed, Tenuta Scrafana has been around since ancient times, and today 20 of its 50 hectares of land are vineyards. It also includes approximately 300 olive trees as well as a small, precious orchard of ancient tree varieties. 

Every single Scrafana product is a tribute to this magnificent land, and especially to the town of Montevarchi. That's why the prehistoric elephant was chosen as the Estate's symbol. This magnificent pachyderm, which roamed the area around two million years ago, with its fossil remains preserved in the Museo Paleontologico di Montevarchi (Montevarchi Paleontological Museum), encapsulates the unique magic of a “middle-earth” that's steeped in history and culture which, since the dawn of time, has seen the passage of heroes, wayfarers and pilgrims. One of them was the great Hannibal who travelled across Italy with elephants to challenge Rome.