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The Carboni Vinicultural Company was born in the 1990s out of the passion of its proprietor. Over time it has grown in competence and experience and become the heritage of his young sons. 

The philosophy that inspires the wine cellar comes from the centuries-old tradition of the cultivation and production of wine inherited from previous generations, united with constant research that seeks the synthesis of tradition and innovation to create the best wines. We aim to create wines that meet market tastes and use the most modern oenological technology while maintaining and preserving whatever makes our wines unique - namely, the vines, the terrain and the microclimate, or the terroir, of the Mandrolisai hills.


The Carboni Cellar loves the idea of wine being a family product that springs from a deep and special bond with the land and its cycles. Even today, the whole family is involved in all the necessary operations, guaranteeing the high level of quality that is, above all, a gesture of love for nature from those who respect it and work with it with the sagacity of human endeavour.

Our cellar has been witness to the history of this small community of Ortueri farmers. It is the child of many other stories that are naturally intertwined, from which emerge the splendid native vines of this area; each deserving of further recognition and protection, to be known for its quality, excellence in production and variety, as well as careful valuation and sustainability politics from the institutions.

Our cellar tells the story of a family who looks proudly and wisely at the best of their own centuries-old tradition, and seeks to protect it loyally for future generations, while at the same time carefully transforming ancient knowledge into innovative oenological projects that synthesise and yield the most original results.

Isola dei Nuraghi IGT “Galante” - Carboni
-12 %
Producer: Carboni
A beautiful golden color with amber reflections, this wine has an intense and elegant perfume that recalls acacia honey, yellow dehydrated fruit pulp and aromatic herbs. To the taste, its sweetness is accompanied by a savory, mineral streak that renders its final note very pleasing.The Carboni Vinic..
17,57€ 19,91€
Ex Tax:14,40€
Producer: Carboni
Wine of a deep ruby red color, with garnet reflections. Intense and elegant nose with the predominance of fruity scents, blackberries, black cherries, figs and Mediterranean scrub to finish. When tasted it is warm, soft, with a tannic note and a freshness that balance the sensations of warmth and sw..
Ex Tax:18,75€
Isola dei Nuraghi IGT Bianco “Helios” 2018 - Carboni
-12 % Pre-Order
Producer: Carboni
Appears in the glass as a brilliant straw-yellow colour with gold reflections. To the smell it is intense and persistent with notes of peach and tropical fruits, floral notes of mimosa and broom and an end note of aromatic herbs. On the tongue, it pleasantly surprises with its balanced taste, intens..
13,94€ 15,92€
Ex Tax:11,43€
Isola dei Nuraghi IGT “Balente” 2017 - Carboni
-10 %
Producer: Carboni
With its bright, lively ruby colour, this wine presents an intense and complex bouquet of smells with fruity, floral, mineral and spicy notes that immediately recall its place of origin. To the taste it is robust and its notable alcoholicity is aided by its acidic aftertaste and vigorous yet well-bl..
14,31€ 15,92€
Ex Tax:11,73€
Mandrolisai DOC Superiore “Balente” 2015 - Carboni
-10 %
Producer: Carboni
With a compact ruby colour, this wine intrigues the nose with smells that recall preserved fruit, sweet notes of spices and Mediterranean herbs. To the tongue it stands out for its great potency. Its notable alcoholicity is well supported by its structure and by well-integrated tannins. A final note..
22,51€ 24,89€
Ex Tax:18,45€
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