About Us


So wine has a longer life than ours?
But we, fragile human beings, will take our revenge by swallowing it all.
Life is wine.

Petronio Arbitro (27 – 66)



The idea of Vinclick was born in December 2016 by two friends, around a table, in good company, drinking good wine.

From there the dream of being able to bring the precious and beloved Italian wine to everyone's home, breaking down the barriers of classic distribution, in simplicity and in the shortest possible time.

What seemed like an unattainable dream became a reality at the beginning of 2018 thanks to the commitment and willfulness that has distinguished us since the beginning.

Our mission: to share the aromas and flavors of our beautiful country, through one of its most noble products, THE WINE.



Great is the fortune of one who has a good bottle,
a good book, a good friend.

Molière (1622 – 1673)