Tenute Plaia


Since 2001 Tenute Plaia produces D.O.C wines, mostly from indigenous vine varieties.




The young company has inherited from three generations of winegrowers experience, professionalism and love for a complex and difficult job that depends on the weather condition.
Starting from these presuppositions, our passion and love for the land and its products represent our pride. We are interested in searching new cultivation techniques using modern tools.
The love for the enviroment has led us to the choice of a biological agriculture so we don't use any kind of chemical herbicides and insecticides which can have damaging effect on the environment and human health.




Moreover, in the last few years we tend to olive trees, orchard and fruit tree as well. Their products are used mainly in the Agritourism kitchen.



Grillo Sicilia DOC Biologico “EraBio” 2020 - Tenute Plaia
Producer: Tenute Plaia
From our carefully assisted vineyard, nourished by the earth and grown from the sun of the Trapani hinterland, this natural, fresh and aromatic wine is born, expression of one of the most important vines of Sicilian enology. Strong expression of a twenty-year company policy, Erabio represents a prod..
Ex Tax:8,20€
Producer: Tenute Plaia
The Plaia, expression of a young company successor of an ancient family tradition, represents the affirmation of the feminine temperament of the last generation. Elegant combination of nature and culture, of passion and quality. It is an engaging, fascinating and fresh but above all convivial wine.​..
Ex Tax:7,79€
Nero d'Avola Sicilia DOC “Tirsi” 2018 - Tenute Plaia
Producer: Tenute Plaia
From the most significant red grape variety in Sicily, this Nero d' Avola is produced from a single piece of land located in the hills of the Trapani hinterland. It is a wine with a strong personality, which fully expresses its territory through balance and pleasant fragrances and taste  ..
Ex Tax:7,28€
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