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Vino Bianco Frizzante "Perlage" - Sgreva
-11 %
Producer: Sgreva
“Salve, o venusta Sirmio, atque ero gaude/ gaudente, vosque, o Lydiae lacus undae, / ridete quidquid est domi cachinnorum.” “Greetin..
7,42€ 8,37€
Ex Tax:6,08€
Franciacorta DOCG Cuvèe Brut "Sempiterre" - I Barisèi
Producer: I Barisèi
It is an eternal and precious pact with the earth that links I Barisèi to the family’s lands, cultivated for generations; the result of this bond is a..
Ex Tax:18,83€
Producer: Morasinsi
In the second half of August we harvest our Moscato grapes, the aromatic variety we use to produce a pleasantly scented wine. The vines are fifteen y..
Ex Tax:10,65€
Producer: Lefiole
Pinot Grigio is easy to find all over northern Italy where fresh terrain and good temperature ranges bring out its finesse. Our vineyards are situated..
Ex Tax:8,67€

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