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Bricco Del Cucu

Our Company

Bricco del Cucù is a family company which since ages cultivates vines and typical local products in the Langhe. For over 100 years, this passion is been passed from generation to generation: the constant improvement and research for quality led to open to new markets, abroad as well.


“Patience and passion create an emotion”

We are proud niche-wine makers.

Since 2000 we made important technologic investments in the cellar to improve our products quality, and since 2016 Irene started with the direct reception of customers in the cellar, offering the opportunity to taste our wines together with salami and cheese of our territory.

After a local experience, we enlarged our targets towards foreign markets, finding a good appreciation for the special character of our wines.




Our territory

Our company is set in a side of the Langhe which is yet to be discovered, in its genuine beauty and in even wild traits: small roads and pathways lead to historic and naturalistic routes surrounded by vineyards and hazelnuts fields, typical Langa’s cultures, where you also find woods and the characteristic calanchi excavated by the Tanaro River.

On the right side of the river, the Langa hills rise: a land always dedicated to the cultivation of the Dolcetto vine, which here has its natural habitat thanks to strong calcareous soils, on sharp hillsides between 400 and 500 meters above the sea level. This particular microclimate is the best for the maturation of the grapes, thanks to the soft ventilation from the seaside, which preserves our vineyard from humidity stagnation and excessive temperatures during the summer season.



It’s hard to find out the exact starting year of the farm, but stone walls of the “old cellar” exude history: like every Langa’s farmhouses, our structure also dates back to the end of the XVI – beginning of the XVII century. From this time the Sciolla family started to select the best lands for the Dolcetto vine, leaving the secondary fields for different cultivations for the family sustenance.

In the ‘900 years the farm went through different metamorphoses: from the great grandfather Pinotu, who was selling the whole grape production to the local taverns, to grandfather Beppe who started making wine and selling wine in bulk; till the 1990, when Dario decided to leave the previous job to follow the family passion. He brought the innovation of producing grapes, making and bottling wine from all the cultivated varieties, selected in the vineyard from the best bunches of grapes: less quantity and more quality.




Procedures in the vineyard

We are in the Dogliani area, typical area of the Dolcetto.

Vineyards, set on hills with shallow soil, with a mixture of white calcareous marl, give a relevant structure, intense colours and longevity to our wines.

In order to improve these characteristics, we developed the awareness of keeping our fathers’ tradition, by simply follow the natural cycles and the needs of the vine: fertilizations are exclusively organic, the weeding is mechanical; we don’t use systemic products, but only covering products according to the season trend, in order to keep the health of the vineyard.

We work every single vine with expert hands, as a baby-daughter: we select the best branch during the pruning, we leave the optimal grape load during the second pruning and build a solid vine frame for the maturation of the grape.

The vintage is done in a very careful way, by hands only, because every single grape bunch is cut and selected by expert hands and placed carefully in boxes.


Wine making

Since we always want a quality product, all the wine-making processes are strictly made directly by or with the supervision of Dario and Irene, so that the natural fermentation cycles are observed: wine temperature, stabilization and the best condition for the bottling are controlled.





We ask ourselves every day: Do we identify ourselves with our wines, or do our wines mirror the aspects of our character?

From the basic wine the Langhe DOC Dolcetto “L’IMPRONTA”, which is young, fresh and fruity, to the classic Dogliani DOCG nice, ductile and definite, very good tasted with our traditional food, we reach to the best expression of the Dolcetto: the Dogliani DOCG Superiore Vigna Bricco San Bernardo which charms you for its structure, longevity and intensity.

There are also other shades with our blend wines: the Langhe DOC Bianco Livor is captivating, equilibrate and able to give flower scents, while the Langhe DOC Rosso Superboum is bolder and original with its elegant sensations. Finally, the top expression of complexity and duality is reached with the Langhe DOC Rosso Diavolisanti.




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Dogliani DOCG "Bricco San Bernardo" 2013 - Bricco del Cucù

Intense red wine, with marked purple reflexes, with a good tannic structure, fruity scents of fruits..

€27.89 Ex Tax: €22.86

Dogliani DOCG Biologico "La Chiesetta" 2017 - Il Colombo

It is produced by grapes cultivate in a 1,5 hectar vineyard planted in the year 2000, which has a we..

€17.42 Ex Tax: €14.28

Langhe Bianco DOC “Livor” 2018 - Bricco del Cucù

Wine obtained by a blend of Arneis and Sauvignon. Medium bodied with a very rich and strongly sce..

€21.17 Ex Tax: €17.35

Langhe Dolcetto DOC "L'impronta" 2018 - Bricco del Cucù

Medium bodied wine, fruity and vinous, with a rich and delicate bouquet. It is obtained by a ferment..

€13.93 Ex Tax: €11.42

Langhe Rosso DOC "Superboum" 2012 - Bricco del Cucù

It is a blend of 70% Dolcetto and 30% Merlot. After the refining in steel tanks for 18 months, the t..

€17.42 Ex Tax: €14.28

Langhe Rosso DOC “Diavolisanti” 2013 - Bricco del Cucù

Wine obtained by a blend of Merlot and Dolcetto. The Merlot is aged in barriques, while the Dolcetto..

€24.39 Ex Tax: €19.99