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Catarratto IGT Terre Siciliane Biologico "Jocu" 2018 - Quattrocieli

    Catarratto biologico prodotto come si faceva una volta, le uve vengono raccolt..

$27.84 $22.00 Ex Tax: $18.03

Chardonnay Sicilia DOC “Alikase” 2018 - Leonarda Tardi

Leonarda Tardi was born from the love of the Mazzara family for their land and its fruits. ALIKASE c..

$24.44 Ex Tax: $20.03

Etna Bianco DOP Biologico “Tìade” 2018 - Marchese delle Saline

In white wines we looked for the flavors of Carricante and Catarratto with predominantly floral tone..

$32.59 $29.87 Ex Tax: $24.49

Grillo Sicilia DOC Biologico “Helios” 2018 - Di Giovanna

Helios Grillo by Di Giovanna is a white cru wine obtained from a selection of Grillo grapes. The nos..

$38.02 Ex Tax: $31.16

IGP Terre Siciliane Catarratto/Chardonnay 2017 - Leonarda Tardi

We combine the Sicilian Autochthonous cultivated in the high hills to give fruit and freshness to th..

$23.08 Ex Tax: $18.92

IGP Terre Siciliane Orange Biologico “Camurria” 2018 - Di Giovanna

Sun and wind of Sicily, a long maceration on the skins and spontaneous fermentation in barrels. T..

$40.53 Ex Tax: $33.22

Insolia IGT Terre Siciliane Biologico "Fluente" 2018 - Quattrocieli

    Insolia biologico dal bouquet intenso e avvolgente,  tra i più ant..

$26.34 Ex Tax: $21.59