Grappa di Cortese di Gavi - Bosso

Grappa di Cortese di Gavi - Bosso
Winery Bosso
Region Piemonte
Wine type Grappa
Classification Grappa di Cortese di Gavi
Format 0.7
Alcohol 42%
Grapes Cortese di Gavi
Color Clear and transparent
Pairing To be enjoyed alone, better after meal.
Grappa di Cortese di Gavi - Bosso
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Our single-vine grape line includes both young and aged grappa, evoking typical sensations of the best Piedmont vines.

These grappa have an intense, lasting, clean bouquet and taste, soft and pleasing to the palate. The original characteristics of the grapes are easily distinguished.



Bosso distillery has been producing high quality grappa for over five generations, using grape pomace from Piedmont vines.


The distillery follows the traditional discontinuous method using copper stills, which requires an old battery system set at very low pressure for a long time. Through this process, our products can reach the best quality standards.

The distillery is based in the historic factory in Cunico (Asti), where about 300,000 bottles are produced every year. There is also an aging cellar which contains about 1,000 hectolitres of grappa, including a few bottles aged for over 40 years.