VIABOSCHI is a young farm born from the desire of a return to the origins of the founders. The culture of food in general and therefore also of wine, is part of the history of our families and therefore there was nothing easier than to start again  from the cultivation of the vine. In 2013 we planted a vineyard for the production of PROSECCO SUPERIORE DOCG in Refrontolo, one of the 15 historic municipal ities of DOCG CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE. Later, also in Refrontolo we resto red an old vineyard with more mature vines that produce grapes of excellent quality. 

QUALITY is the mission of our activity; and the determining element for the deci sions that we have taken and that we must take. Quality of the environment, the vineyard, the grapes and the wine. We believe that these 4 aspects are indispensable and that they all have an important weight in order to have a high quality sparkling wine. 

This is why we personally carry out and coordinate all the activities pruning, treatments, harvesting, vinification and sparkling wine. The pruning takes place following the phases of the moon, respecting the life cycle of the plant. Protective treatments are based on the principles of integrated defence, with the  aim of reducing the number of interventions themselves, but at the same time ensuring the health of the vine and the grapes. The harvest i s only and exclusively manual, with times and with the grapes according to the type of sparkling wine we want to obtain. The soft pressing of the grapes, the fermentation of the must at low temperatures in steel tanks and the foam taking with refermentation in an autoclave at 15° complete the production cycle. 

The stay on the lees lasts from 60 days for the sparkling wine EXTRA DRY and BRUT up to 180 days of the “SENZA" BRUT NATURE.

Producer: Viaboschi
"SENZA" comes from the selection of grapes and harvesting (always and only by hand) in advance to ensure freshness, flavor and a low residual sugar. It is an Extra Brut that reflects in the wine all and only the characteristics deriving from the grapes. The result is a dry sparkling wine with a fine..
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Merlot Veneto IGT  - Viaboschi
-15 %
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