Terre di Chieti IGP “Maleducato Blondie” 2020 - Pinto

Terre di Chieti IGP “Maleducato Blondie” 2020 - Pinto
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Winery Pinto
Region Abruzzo
Wine type White still
Classification Terre di Chieti IGP
Year 2020
Format 0.75
Alcohol 14%
Grapes 50% Pecorino - 30% Pinot Grigio - 20% Falanghina
Color Straw yellow
Fragrance Like any self-respecting woman, my aromas are floral, with notes of jasmine and mineral scents.
Flavor Fresh, soft and intense
Pairing Aperitifs, seafood and of course Sushi.
Terre di Chieti IGP “Maleducato Blondie” 2020 - Pinto
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I'm the female version of Maleducato.

I'm Blondie and I also prefer to stay outside the box.

As you can see from my packaging, I am pretty tough, I am a woman so I am acidic at the right point, but as you sip it amiably you will realize how fresh and kind I am.

Blondie by name and by nature.

The Pinto brand was born from the desire to keep an emotion alive, to keep a memory alive. The wine carries within itself the memory of the territories on which the vines grow and bear fruit, the memory of the aromas and scents it encounters in its transformation, maturation and aging process. In the same way, Pinto Vini carries within itself the memory of Peppino, who although no longer physically present, but very much alive in the hearts, continues to inspire and encourage the realization of new projects, which imbued in themselves, preserve not only his name, but his passion and his love for the land and wine.

Our project starts from the idea of Giovanni, who after having had the good fortune to know him and share the work with him, decides to give life to something, which carries his soul and memory inside. The passion for our territory and for our excellence, simplicity and love, are our characteristics.