Toscana IGT Rosso "Berulfo" 2017 - Tenuta Scrafana

Toscana IGT Rosso "Berulfo" 2017 - Tenuta Scrafana
Prizes & Awards
Sakura Japan Women's Wine Award Gold 2020
Decanter Bronze 2020
IWSC 92/100
Winery Tenuta Scrafana
Region Toscana
Wine type Red still
Classification Toscana IGT Rosso
Year 2017
Format 0.75
Alcohol 14%
Grapes Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon - Sangiovese
Color Intense ruby red color, almost deep with ruby-violet reflections.
Fragrance Bouquet that denotes complexity formed by fruity aromas of currant, red plum, violet and elderflower floral, with a spicy finish from hints of black pepper.
Flavor Rich and full flavor, enveloping, velvety and warm well balanced by freshness and a texture of soft tannins well integrated and non-invasive that give it character and personality. It closes with a long taste-olfactory persistence on fine and elegant balsamic notes.
Pairing Pork loin, beef stew with polenta, seasoned Pecorino di Pienza.
Toscana IGT Rosso "Berulfo" 2017 - Tenuta Scrafana
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Intense deepish ruby red in colour with ruby-purple reflections.

A complex bouquet comprising fruity aromas of blackcurrant and red plum along with floral notes of violet and elderberry, with hints of black pepper offering a spicy finish.

Its structure, which typifies our land, is reflected in its name, that of the Montevarchi territory’s first lord, the Longobard Berulfo who, around 615-620, requested and was granted the right to manage the territory and on which he built monasteries and castles. The image on the label is dedicated to Berulfo, underlining a connection that we still feel today despite the passing of many centuries, because it’s based on an immediate and instinctive love for a territory that’s unique throughout the world.



Winemaking tradition has always been a permanent feature of Tenuta Scrafana, set within the unique landscape of the Montevarchi hills, and the agricultural calling of this land is attested by history.

Indeed, Tenuta Scrafana has been around since ancient times, and today 20 of its 50 hectares of land are vineyards. It also includes approximately 300 olive trees as well as a small, precious orchard of ancient tree varieties. 

Every single Scrafana product is a tribute to this magnificent land, and especially to the town of Montevarchi. That's why the prehistoric elephant was chosen as the Estate's symbol. This magnificent pachyderm, which roamed the area around two million years ago, with its fossil remains preserved in the Museo Paleontologico di Montevarchi (Montevarchi Paleontological Museum), encapsulates the unique magic of a “middle-earth” that's steeped in history and culture which, since the dawn of time, has seen the passage of heroes, wayfarers and pilgrims. One of them was the great Hannibal who travelled across Italy with elephants to challenge Rome.