Tenuta Moriniello Taste Box (cassetta di legno)

Tenuta Moriniello Taste Box (cassetta di legno)
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Winery Tenuta Moriniello
Region Toscana
Tenuta Moriniello Taste Box (cassetta di legno)
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All the products from Tenuta Moriniello, packed in a luxury wood box!


  • 2x Chianti DOCG Biologico "La Pieve" 2016 - Tenuta Moriniello

  • 1x Toscana IGT Biologico "Rosso del Pievano" 2013 - Tenuta Moriniello

  • 1x Toscana IGT Biologico "Le Fate Furbe" 2017 - Tenuta Moriniello

  • 1x Chianti Riserva DOCG Biologico "Fortebraccio" 2015 - Tenuta Moriniello

  • 1x Toscana IGT Syrah Biologico "Il Gobbo Nero" 2015 - Tenuta Moriniello



The family business comes from the dream of two siblings, Tania and Luigi, inherited from their father, Beniamino. The dream, long left in the drawer by their father, turned into a project, when the siblings asked him to help them in making it happen.

The passion of Beniamino for the vineyards, the love for wine, passed on to his children, and his entrepreneurial talent, have given life to “Tenuta Moriniello”.

The journey, which lasted almost five years, has led the Moriniello family to retrace the marvellous places of Tuscany, meeting people, listening to stories and legends, and closing with the belief that great wines born from enchanting places. Places characterized by sinuous hills and territories exposed perennially to the sun, which, not surprisingly, give the best grapes, because collecting from the earth all that our eyes identify, simply, as wonderful landscapes.