Azienda Agricola Sgreva is a small family winery

that has been located in the city of Sirmione for over 50 years.



Nowadays, the two young brothers and owners, Giacomo and Vanessa, with the help of Francesca, their mother, work daily together: they believe that work in the vineyard and respect for their land are the most important things to obtain high-quality products. Moreover, they are helped by the particular kind of climate of the Grada Lake and by the soil that is naturally calcareous and rich in clay.The cultivated 18 hectares are the pride of the winery, that believes that good, genuine wine and quality come first from the vineyard.





Producer: Sgreva
It is a physical wine, courageous, pugnacious for its minerality and flavor. But behind a translucent shell, almost a transparent lemon rind like a green, glimmering arrow, it is a wine with a delicate soul capable of gushing emotions to the nose and the mouth. It is in this extraordinary character ..
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Producer: Sgreva
It is our “vie en rose”. From Lake Garda, better still. Brilliant, rich in flowers, silky, soft. Absolute freshness, taste which lasts as long as the most beautiful season of life. Besides, this wine, concentrated in youth, brings in itself acute memories of flowers, the joy of being ali..
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Rosso del Garda "Etereo" - Sgreva
-18 %
Producer: Sgreva
Interpreting in a modern key one of the most representative wines of our company has always been the goal of our Etereo.The result is a product that combines the richness of our historic Cabernet grapes, grown on the company's soils since from the 1970s, with the unexpected notes deriving from the d..
10,19€ 12,38€
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Vino Bianco Frizzante "Perlage" - Sgreva
Producer: Sgreva
“Salve, o venusta Sirmio, atque ero gaude/ gaudente, vosque, o Lydiae lacus undae, / ridete quidquid est domi cachinnorum.” “Greetings, gracious Sirmione, enjoy the master/ joyful and you, o Lydious waves of the lake, / laugh all of the laughs of the house”. We beg forgivenes..
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Grappa di Lugana Barricata "Ambrosia" - Sgreva Grappa di Lugana Barricata "Ambrosia" - Sgreva
Bestseller -17 %
Producer: Sgreva
Grappa of high quality made from the distillation of Lugana grapevine residue (skins). With an amber colour, its smell is full with hints of ripe fruits, cacao and vanilla. With an elegant and rich taste, it confirms the sensations perceived by smell.     ​​ Azienda Agric..
24,25€ 29,28€
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Producer: Sgreva
Grappa of high quality made from the distillation of Lugana grapevine residue (skins). With a clear crystal colour, it has an almond and sage smell with delicate memories of elderberry. Dry how wants the tradition, this grappa has a delicate and fresh taste with a sweet end.     ..
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Producer: Sgreva
Refined but not snobbish. A bubbly of class. Aristocratic? No, because it isn’t presumptuous. It is, to the contrary, genteel and pleasingly eloquent, well disposed to recount, to inspire stories of friendship, of love and of happiness. To live its life between a distinctive happy hour and int..
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Producer: Sgreva
Oh thanks my God. At last another characteristic Lugana, another original one. They are not so rare, but at this time, where costums and palate exalt strong, heavy and complicate taste, is difficult to find a so pleasant, genuine and ancient one. Sgreva’s Sirmio has the gift to be honest. Ther..
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