Marchese delle Saline

A New Generation of Winemakers


Marchese delle Saline, with its Etna Bianco and Etna Rosso obtained from the relative carricante berries and nerello mascalese / nerello cappuccio offers those who taste it the truest expression of the volcanic wines of the Etna.
The particularities of these wines derive mainly from the volcanic soils and from the microclimate that fixes important scents in the grapes. The Nerello Mascalese from origins to reds of absolute finesse, the Carricante is ideal to produce a white wine with a particular flavor that collects all the scents of the sea on the slopes of Etna.







The Marchese delle Saline brand, born in the territory of Trapani and has its roots a long time ago, when grandfather Giacomo, in 1860, moved to the Sicilian countryside and began work on the irst plots of land in the district of Baiata. Since then, the passion, the knowledge and the love to do things with the heart, have been handed down from father to son, in the years up to today. In those years Giacomo Rallo, when he was not busy with the work in the vineyard, collected salt at the “Marsala’s saltmaker” during the summer season. Being very serious in his job and productive, grandfather Giacomo, he was called by their colleagues with the name of “Marchese”. His story and his love for the salt pans brought his nephews, years later, to honor his grandfather’s memory, giving the company the name of “Marchese delle Saline”.


“ Wine is not only to be drunk, but to be

smelled, observed, tasted, sipped and…

talked about.”

Edward VII (1841 – 1910)




Today the Rallo’s family, has the ability to interpret the values of its founder, spreads the culture of good wine and quality products of the territory. The passion for work, the excellent intuition and commitment led to the first sales. Realizing a unique wines that are an expression of the identity of the territory.

Mission: to educate and disseminate the culture of good wine;

Vision: promoting the culture of the Sicilian territory through its products;





After having invested and increased the knowhow of the sector in the wine-growing area of Trapani, the company decided to invest its resources in the production of wines of Etna, to have a complete knowledge of the Sicilian territory and to promote it in all its facets . To do so Marchese delle Saline with its wines Etna Bianco and Etna Rosso from its berries nerello mascalese / nerello cappuccio offers to the consumer the best expression of the vulcanic wine of the Etna. The peculiarities of these wines derive mainly from the volcanic soils and from the microclimate that ix important perfumes in the grapes. The Nerello Mascalese originates from reds of absolute inesse, the Carricante is used to make a white wine with a particular lavor that collects all the aromas of the nearby sea. Our wines are strong and decisive, born from grapes that grow and mature on the slopes of Etna. That’s why we wanted to call them Tiades. The Tiadi were the women who constituted the cortege of Dionysus or Bacchus for the Roman. They are also called “bacchantes”. One of the sacred tattributes was the thyrsus, a gnarly staff wrapped in ivy and vine-leaves and surmounted by a pinecone. Dionysus was identiied as the god of ecstasy, of wine, of intoxication and of the liberation of the senses; then came to represent the essence of creation in its perennial and wild low, the divine spirit of an immeasurable reality, the primordial element of the cosmos, the spiritual irruption of the Greek zoé, that is the existence understood in an absolute sense, the frenetic current of life that all pervades.


Etna D.O.P. Tìade Rosso is a wine that smells of Sicily, of fascinating horizons that evoke emotions, of soft woods and angular valleys where the red Vulcan, passionate and severe, gives this wine a natural diversity: full-bodied, harmonious, and spicy. Etna Rosso comes from the best known vi..
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