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We choose this name among many because it tells our story and our value. 

IN, we assigned to it two meanings, innovation, the one that from digital natives was given to us, but IN means also inside, a dream hidden in the heart that has become a project. 

VERSO, because every step we take leads us elsewhere, we come to a place to go to another. But, VERSO also responds to the action of pouring that is inherent in wine and in those who drink it and in all those who are thirsty. 


"We are Costanza and Nicola, two young 25-year-olds who, after their studies and various work experiences, have decided to make their dream come true: take back the two-family farms in order to grow them up and to continue the work of our two grandparents. 

Fifty hectares of vineyards placed between the Majella, the Gran Sasso and the Adriatic Sea... 

A triangle of perfumes, microclimate and vegetation unique in the Italian panorama thanks to which we are able to offer a product that reflects the characteristics of the company: courage and innovation. 

Our idea is not just a simple wine list but promises to represent our territory through its re-evaluation. 

We are this and much more. 

We let our future act for us. " 


Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC Biologico “Posso” 2019 - Inverso
BIO -18 %
Producer: Inverso
"Of those who come back and don't go away."Our Montepulciano is a dedication to our land and our families. Remember our grandparents who worked in the vineyard on the land, the laid tables and the family dinners. It reminds us of where we started. Clear and bright with his typical garnet red color. ..
13,48€ 16,45€
Ex Tax:11,05€
Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo DOC Biologico “Posso” 2019 - Inverso
BIO -31 %
Producer: Inverso
"Of those who collect and don't disperse."Our Cerasuolo is a consecration to tradition. With its cherry pink color, it is a clear reference to its Montepulciano d'Abruzzo grape, clear and crystalline with a firm consistency. Floral and fruity with notes of red berry and fresh fruits that give softne..
9,00€ 12,99€
Ex Tax:7,38€
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