Pinot Bianco IGT "Borromeo" - Val Testa

Pinot Bianco IGT "Borromeo" - Val Testa
Pinot Bianco IGT "Borromeo" - Val Testa
Pinot Bianco IGT "Borromeo" - Val Testa
Pinot Bianco IGT "Borromeo" - Val Testa
Winery Val Testa
Region Emilia Romagna
Wine type White
Classification Emilia IGT
Format 0.75
Alcohol 12.5%
Grapes 100% Pinot Bianco
Vinification temperature-controlled steel
Pairing Fish-based dishes, white meats, risottos
Pinot Bianco IGT "Borromeo" - Val Testa
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Pinot Bianco to pair with fish, white meats and risottos, which also knows how to express itself with savory first and second courses.

The Val Testa Agricultural Society was founded in 2013, with Alex, Nicholas and Vito, brothers and father, but has been handed down since the 1950s by the great-grandparents.

It is located in Emilia Romagna, in the province of Ferrara, between the Mantello valley and the naturalistic oasis of Bando, an area subject to water reclamation in the 1940s/50s. The area enjoys a particular terroir, rich in minerals and a climate influenced by the nearby Adriatic Sea; factors that positively influence the grapes, giving body, freshness and flavor to the wines.

The vines, trained according to the guyot system, give life to grapes selected during the rigorous hand harvest. The company today has a vineyard that extends for about one and a half hectares, which is characterized by the production of Lambrusco Maestri, a particularity and uniqueness in the area, which is vinified in purity; the rest of the production concerns white grapes.

The vineyard is cared for using organic methods and since the 2022 vintage the bottles of Lambrusco have obtained the consequent certification which certifies their wholesomeness in addition to their high quality.

In constant expansion, with the right mix between tradition and innovation, the company plans to increase its production and raise its quality.