Conte di Toscana

Our winery, located in the heart of Tuscany between the hills of Arezzo and Siena, has created wines with a unique flavor that express the unmistakable character of these territories.

In the years we have maintained our respect for traditions unchanged, without inhibiting our innovative spirit.

Thanks to our family philosophy, that of privileging quality, we are also tracing our path at an international level, mainly among high quality wines lovers.

This region has always been one of the most suitable for the production of great wines, but only the soil is not enough: our passion and the experimentation linked to the knowledge of the territory led us to the choice of our blends.

The structure of the cellar is designed to allow the extraction of the true typical and inimitable character of the Tuscan lands, and it's here that the wines continue their refinement process.The Conte di Toscana wines come from a variety of climates, of landscape and land. The vineyards are characterized by different soils and microclimates, unique in their particularity.

Our Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah are born from this extraordinary variety.

This set of variants and terrains constitute a precious asset to be handed down to future generations, because the combination of vine and land is an essential element of the history and future of Conte di Toscana.

The enhancement of our vines is the constant of a work that gives meaning to the word tradition.

A custom of gestures and experiences handed down by our ancestors that meets with contemporary viticulture.

The result of a unique combination of land and vine, the Conte di Toscana wines express the particularity of the terroir, of the landscapes, scents, sounds of this corner of Tuscany, reviving its history and tradition.

To cultivate the vineyards of "Conte di Toscana" and avoid the compaction of the soil, the grape harvesting and transport are done by hand, the clusters are deposited in small baskets and the yields are very low.

Frequent laboratory checks accompany Conte di Toscana wines throughout their evolution up to refinement in the bottle.

Rosso Toscana IGP "Monaco" 2013 - Conte di Toscana
Producer: Conte di Toscana
The vineyards, from which come the selected Sangiovese grapes selected for the Monaco production, are located in the Chianti Classico. Syrah and Merlot come from the hills near the city of Arezzo. The name is a tribute to Guido d'Arezzo.    Our winery, located in the heart of Tus..
Ex Tax:14,75€
Rosso Toscana IGP "Laris" 2015 - Conte di Toscana
Producer: Conte di Toscana
From a careful selection of Syrah and Merlot grapes from the Aretini hills and Sangio-vese grapes from Castelnuovo Berardenga, Laris is born, a blend of great value. Production is lim-ited to 4000 bottles, reserved for true lovers of quality wines.   Our winery, located in the heart o..
Ex Tax:18,03€
Rosso Toscana IGP "Lucumone" 2013 - Conte di Toscana
Producer: Conte di Toscana
Sangiovese represents the production base of our company. The vineyards are located in Castelnuovo Berardenga, a production area of the Chianti Classico. In ancient times Lucumone is the name with which the Etruscan kings were called.  Our winery, located in the he..
Ex Tax:12,29€
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