Amaro - wine and aromatic herbs liqueur - Il Roncal

Amaro - wine and aromatic herbs liqueur - Il Roncal
Winery Il Roncal
Region Friuli Venezia Giulia
Wine type Amaro
Format 0.7
Alcohol 25%
Grapes Ribolla Gialla 50% - aromatic plants: Mint - Lemon - Orange - Gentian - Absinthe - Hop - Centaury.
Color Light brick color with golden hues
Fragrance The nose perceives herbaceous hints with a fresh nuance of orange
Flavor The pleasant floral notes of the wine leave space to the mint’s freshness and to the gentian’s bitter and slightly pungent sensations, which are found again on the palate together with the hop’s aroma; the end turns out to be enveloping and pleasantly bitter.
Pairing Serve on the rocks garnished with orange zest as an aperitif or in its purity at room temperature as a digestive; suitable for the preparation of cocktails too.
Amaro - wine and aromatic herbs liqueur - Il Roncal
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A refined digestive, unique in its kind, in which the protagonist is a wine from native grapes, Ribolla Gialla, enriched with alcoholic infusions of aromatic herbs and natural essences, obtained by steam column distillation. The result is a versatile amaro that amazes. 



There is a place in the eastern hills of Friuli where the heart meets the land and where the values of a family find their most sincere expression in producing great wines. 

IL RONCAL is a small estate of 20 hectares, terraced on the Montebello Hill, in the heart of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, only 3 km away from the historical center of Cividale del Friuli (UNESCO site). Here Martina Moreale carries on the project of her husband Roberto, founder of the winery. Day after day, the diligent care of this land offers its best fruits, harvested to create high-quality wines. Simply the excellence.